Performance Group TUIDA

was founded in 2001. The group started as an interdisciplinary group of artists working across art-form and in collaborative ways. From the beginning, they have pursued a sustainable form of theatre that is open and engaged, working in theatre buildings and in unconventional spaces.

Their practice is one of ongoing research into theatre and performance and seeks to push beyond current artistic boundaries. They have a particular interest in the body, movement and the use of object.

In 2010, the group moved to Hwacheon, a village in rural South Korea, where they founded the ‘Tutbat Arts Farm’. What had been an abandoned primary school was transformed into a unique centre for artist residencies and experimentation. The centre gains it’s name from the Korean word ‘tutbat’, a small garden attached to a house where produce is grown in a sustainable and environmentally sound way.

Tutbat Arts Farm is now the creative and administrative home of the company and since 2010, the company have held a creative residency for artists who are interested in their approach to making performance and to life its self. 

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 Tutbat Arts Farm
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