Baby Drama for 2-4 ages with their parents. 

Paper performance where all the puppets and props are made of handmade paper. 

premier 2015 in Hwaheon

The story begins when a little girl meets an old women. This old women is a mom of mom of the girl's mom. This grandmom, who is now losing her memory, meets a little girl and returns to the world of children. There are various plays transformation with papers, puppets and masks made of Korean traditional paper. At the end of a long journey where a little girl meets her mom, mom of her mom and mom's mom of her mom again, the audience becomes warmer and closer between her and her child.

LEE Juya 

Director, Masks and Puppet designer. lighting planner

She got inspiration for this show from the moment when her daughter her grandmother  and they play with each other like friends. Though her grandmother has lost all her memories, she got to know that little girl had some links to her. That moment was amazing, Juya reflects.